Keynote Musical has an onsite recording studio and records all types of projects as well as produces technical recordings for rehearsing, copyright and removing vocals. Examples include:

♦ Backing tracks for live performance ♦ Sheet music recording ♦ Duplicating existing audio ♦ Transposing keys ♦ Studio tracks ♦ Rehearsal accompaniment

Looking to also put your music down on paper? Visit the Transcribing or Charting pages.































Bity Boppy BettyThis project was intended to create an instrumental duplicate of the original use for live performance.

Deck the Halls – This project was intended to create individual tracks for each voice pulled from the original score, used for personal practicing

Song #110 and #118 – This project was intended to make piano recordings of the original compositions for enjoyment and posterity.

Jeremy Kurn

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